Lost Time
Mark schafer thesis trailer interior1

This is the sketch I made of the past trailer.

Mark schafer thesis trailer interior2

This is the sketch I made of the present trailer.

Mark schafer screenshot01
Mark schafer screenshot02
Mark schafer screenshot03
Mark schafer screenshot04
Mark schafer screenshot05
Mark schafer screenshot06
Mark schafer screenshot07
Mark schafer screenshot08
Mark schafer screenshot09
Mark schafer screenshot10
Mark schafer screenshot11
Mark schafer screenshot12
Mark schafer screenshot13

This is a game environment I made in Unreal Engine 4, and was my Senior Thesis project at RIT. It is a trailer which is being used as a science lab by a man who is intent on inventing time travel. His daughter, trying to find him after years of separation from him, finds a device in his lab and is traveled back 16 years in the past, showing the trailer during a family vacation, while the family was still together. The environment has a toon-inspired shader and style.

More artwork
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